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GUNDAL Private Label

Part of something unique

Welcome to GUNDAL Private Label

Do you need us to produce and store your products?
At GUNDAL Private Label, you bring your idea, then we get into your thoughts and together we will work out the task. Together we setup a team that works with you to solve the task. We help with data sheets, labels, packaging, legislation, etc. We will always be there - because together we are stronger.
Production of Private Label - Products within washing, cleaning, transport and oil products.

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From idea to reality

At GUNDAL Private Label there is room for diversity. We recognise that we are all good at different things. That's why we take care of the production, as long as you come up with the ideas and do the selling.
If you have a great idea for a product with your own logo that you would like to try out, our team is ready to turn your idea into reality.
If you want to create a better brand for your own company and, for example, make one or more of your products your own, we will create your finished product together and ensure high quality.
In our laboratory we develop products. This means we can help you build on your product or start from scratch.
We produce cleaning products, oil products and personal care products.
We take you by the hand, collaborate and guide you all the way to your goal.

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Our production equipment is incredibly flexible, so we can quickly adapt to a new product. We work with robotics, which allows us to create perfect products at competitive prices. We are quality conscious and always have an eye on how the final product is sent out the door. Our main goal is to create products that you can vouch for - and be proud of.
We take care of everything from product development, bottling, data sheets, labels and packaging.

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Warehouse hotel

We offer to have your raw materials and finished products in our warehouse. From there we can ship directly to your customers. We can also take care of all the logistics if you wish.
We care about your goods getting there in the best way. That means we take the right amount of time to pack the parcels/pallets so they arrive safely. Together, we ensure that the customer has a good experience when they receive the product.

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On land, at sea and in the air
We have great expertise in cargo, and a solid network.
We can help you get your product around the world, whether by land, sea or air.

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